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Some Pics have arrived from the 1998 GSCA Nationals


Sonny Seal's "Tweety" launching Sandy Paine racing her GSX Ron Rygelski's car heating the tires! Ron Rygelski's Car Launching Ray Whitson's '67 GS at the 98 National's Phil Dayen's car receiving Silver show award

Keith Sinley's race car at the 98 National's John Schmidt's GN smoking the tires Dan Argento's car at the 98 National's 50 Buick Real sharp 71 GS 69 GS of Gary La Grea

   One of many GSX;s Nice original caminoGSX, Buick should have made a few of these!  Paul Pinot burnout Paul Pinot's car making another 10.00 pass!

Free carwash anyone?

Some GN owners tuffing out the rain Soggy Wet staging anyone? flood

These guys just keep hanging around

Bruce Hunter Gary Paine

Real thankful the hail did not show for the national's also!

Hail Damage

Past years National's and Local meets

Thumper     STAGE 2 POWERED

Joe's 70 at the Nat's           (12816 bytes) Jeff's 70 at Norwalk

vasilow at the 97 national's

Columbus Meet  The prototype!

Jones GSX     (11884 bytes) Nice 70 at the Columbus Meet                        (15682 bytes)

Dave's 69 GS at the Columbus Meet  (17900 bytes)

In front of the pack

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