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OhioGS Website
A Must Visit site!

 Parts Connection
Private Parts collection for sale
 Michigan Chapter GSCA
Site by R. Vasilow, Photos, Links, Membership
With over 140 members watch this site grow.

 Skylark Drive Buick Club
One of the GSCA's Chapters online
Info, Classifieds and Links.
 Chicagoland Chapter GSCA
Glad to see more Chapters online.
Custom License Plates anyone?
 The Buick GS Home Page
This related site still under construction.
But is worth checking out
 The Turbo Regal Home Page
Full of information, links, classified ads and tips.
Links Galore

 Greg's Home Page
Features Regals, Grand Nationals.But check out
his animations, which he allows you to use
just mention where you got them from.
He made a real nice one for my engine page.
 Bartons Riviera Page
Alot more than just Riv's here Barton is constantly
adding new item's to his pages. Also visit his Riviera .org site
Mszippy covers all years Buick's here.
Free classifieds and lots of links.
 GNX Homepage
Rob Wilson's page, informative and interesting site
dedicated to those very rare, very fast Buick GNX's
 1970-72 GSX Registry
Contact Mark Macoubrie @ 913-385-2347 or E-mail him at  for all the details.
 Bob's Buzilla Site
Follow the progess of a killer 528 buzilla in the works!
Site is under construction so visit often to get the latest info.
 Stan Bradford's Home Page
Great site featuring 68-69 GS's! Parts and helpfull link's
Follow this link to Jeff Cornish's Page
for even more Buick Parts!
 Mikes Buick Skylark Page
 Walt Kilgus 1966 GS Page
 Buick Drag Racing Page
 Norwalk Raceway Park
Beechbend Raceway
 NHRA Online
 Buicktown Web Page
 Dragnet Homepage
 TA Performance Products
Hot New Web Site Check It Out!
 MSD Ignition
 Vintage / Books
 Buick Parts
 Year One Parts Online
MAGS Mid Atlantic Chapter
 Oklahoma Outlaws Homepage
 1976 Free Spirit Pace Car
 The Buick GS page 65-72
 Southern California Buick GS Homepage
 Lone Star Performance Buick Chapter
 The Buick Gran Sports Page
This site features a nice 1972 red 455gs convertable
 Buick GS
Another 1972 Buick GS project car in the works
 Lews 72 GS
Steves Buick Page
This site features a nice 1981 Regal
 PM Showdown! August 97
Featuring John Chamberlains 70 GS!
 Welcome to the Jseries truck page
A soon to be 455 powered Jeep truck!
 Joe & Laura's Maximum Torque Dynasty
One awesome GSX, Build up specs and horsepower and torque specs.
Performance Concepts